Oy China

Make your lucky dragon

Give your kids an adventure, let them discover the colorful world of lucky dragons. Experience yet another fascinating culture and be creative creating a dragon from one of the many exquisitely designed dragon sets. Fly over the rice fields and collect magical items that makes the dragon longer, and as the old legend says, the longer the dragon is, the more luck it brings. Download for iPad (iPhone version is out soon)

Oy Mexico

A story about memories

Oy Mexico is a sweet story about our memories of our lost loved ones. It is about a little boy and his memories of his grandfather that has passed away. Let your kid take a journey into a famous Mexican tradition, and relive some of the boys best moments playing music, light a candle to show him respect, and visit the cemetery for a happy and surprising reunion. The app is inspired by the popular Mexican tradition “Dia De los Muertos”. Download for iPad